XFA-2 and XFAX-2 Adalet flame arrestors fittings are designed to prevent propagation through tubing systems connected to explosionproof electrical enclosures.

The stainless steel fittings provide for connections to electro / pneumatic and gas analysis devices.  The 1/2″ npt male thread is used to mount the flame arrestor in the enclosure wall.  Designed with 1/4″ npt female threads on both ends, commercial tubing fittings can be easily installed.

The flame arrestor provides a means to connect gas analysis equipment and electro pneumatic devices’ pipe or tubing system through the wall of an explosion-proof enclosure. 

Standard Features of the Adalet Flame Arrestor

• Provides thru-wall connections of tubing systems for electro/pneumatic and gas analysis devices installed within explosionproof enclosures.

• The flame arrestor fitting is designed to prevent flame propagation thru tubing systems with minimum flow restrictions of control pressures.

• Manufactured from 316L stainless steel

• Weight 4 oz.

Flame Arrestor Fittings Documentation – XFA-2 & XFAX-2

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